Mina Towers





A new social house-dwelling project is being developed within the scope of the earthquake-driven urban transformation project, but also in conformance with the cosmopolite stance of İstanbul.



Fikirtepe is located at a position, which is easily accessible to the bridges, which are the focal points of intra- and inter-city transportation, and to the city-life, and to both two airports of the city as well.



While being located very close to Kadıköy (center of the Asian Part of İstanbul), Fikirtepe is at a distance for 15 minutes both to the Baghdad Street, and to the coastal motorway of the Anatolian side.



Objectives of the design are shaped over the efficient and proper use of the land, energy, and water.

It offers a concept, in which each and every detail is taken into consideration, there created a living space, not being detached from the city life, but also being peaceful and quiet.



The followings will be situated in the 4 blocks, located at the center of Fikirtepe:



• Residences



• Offices



• Stores and Trading Areas



• Amenity Spaces



On each one of the 4 blocks with a total land area of 69,500 m², 25-storey buildings with 80 m of height will be erected. All phases of the project have been designed as containing special swimming pool, sports salon, children’s playground, green fields, parks, parking lots, and restaurants.



Scope of the work:



• 350,000 m² of rough construction

• All items of fine construction

• Internal architecture and decoration

• Mechanical projects and manufactures

• Electrical projects and manufactures

• Landscaping applications